How to get rid of pimples

How to get rid of pimples is something which is not as well documented as how to get rid of acne but it’s a problem a lot of us suffer from. If there’s not much information out for how to get rid of pimples then were should you turn? Well you have found the site! Getting rid of pimples is easier than you imagine and if you follow the steps documented throughout this site you’ll be able to get rid of pimples naturally and safely. Too many just go right ahead and squeeze those pimples but this is something you should absolutely not do! Pimples can be brought under control without using special medications prescribed by your doctor or bought over the counter from your local pharmacy or drug store.

Here a few brief steps which you can follow to get rid of pimples and get your skin under control.

Rule number one, do not, I repeat do not pop the pimple! This can leave you with scars and will only make the situation worse as you will have to wait for the popped pimple to heal. This could leave with you with a sore on your face and will no doubt result in a scab which will take even longer to heal. Worst case scenario is that you will end up with acne scarring which is a completely different thing to take on altogether. Believe me folks you do not want to end up with acne scars! If you pop a pimple before you see the pus you’re actually risking infection of the skin or even a cyst as you could push the infection further in to the pore. Do not attempt to pop the pimple if you cannot see the pus.

If you can see the pus of the pimple then you can use the following method to eradicate the area of the pimple. You will need a small sewing needle, some alcohol, warm water and some gauze. The alcohol will take of sterilising the needle. Ensure you’ve washed your hands before you attempt this procedure. Also make sure you have washed your face of any oils or make up to ensure you don’t risk infection. Dip the needle into the alcohol and apply a little to your fingers and to the pimple on your face. Use some gauze to dab and dry the effected area. Use the needle to prick the pimple using only the tip. Do this lightly then use two pieces of gauze and put pressure till the pus is out and clear liquid or blood comes out of the pore. Wipe the area clean by soaking some gauze in alcohol and wipe the surface of your pimple to avoid any infection. You can then seal it with a sterile band aid to again reduce the risk of any infection.

This is of course one quick method for how to get rid of a pimple. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll cover natural ways to get rid of pimples and then how to avoid getting pimples in the first place. This is obviously much better as you won’t have to deal with any pimples. Prevention is the key. If you keep your skin clean there is no reason why it cannot remain pimple free. If you feel that your pimples are out of control you may have a more serious issue with your skin so I would recommend that you speak to your doctor about it who will no doubt refer you to a dermatologist. They may provide you with a specialised treatment plan or some medication such as creams or pills which will get your pimple problem under control. I’ll be covering how to get rid of pimples on your nose as well as other areas of the body in the near future so stay tuned!


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